As you know, all nouns or sostantivi in Italian have an implicit gender—masculine or feminine, depending on their Latin root or other derivation—and that gender, together with their number—whether they are singular or plural—colors nearly everything else in the language, except, perhaps, for some verb tenses.

Of course, it is essential that you learn which nouns are feminine or masculine—or how to recognize them—and how to correctly make a singular noun into a plural. Mostly—and you will see that there are some exceptions—nouns ending in - o are masculine and nouns ending in - a are feminine and then there is the vast world of sostantivi in - ewhich we discuss below.

You know about - a and - o from proper names, if nothing else: Mario is a guy; Maria is a girl though there are some exceptions there, too. Vinogattoparcoand albero are masculine nouns wine, cat, park, and tree ; macchinaforchettaacquaand pianta are feminine car, fork, water, and plant. Interestingly, in Italian most fruits are feminine— la mela the applela pesca the peachl'oliva the olive —but fruit trees are masculine: il melo the apple treeil pesco the peach treeand l'ulivo the olive tree.

This is not something you or anyone else decides or chooses: It just is. Singular feminine nouns are accompanied by the definite article laand singular masculine nouns by the definite article il or lo those that get lo are those that begin with a vowel, with s plus a consonant, and with gnzand psand when you pluralize the noun, you must also pluralize the article : la becomes leil becomes iand lo becomes gli.

The article, together with a series of other parts of speech in a sentence such as adjectives and pronouns, tell you if a noun is masculine or feminine. Alternatively, you need to look it up.

Regularly, masculine nouns ending in - o become, in the plural, masculine nouns ending in - i. In fact, most nouns that end in - co take - chi in the plural; most nouns that end in - go take - ghi in the plural. The insertion of the h keeps the hard sound in the plural.

With them, the article la changes to le. Feminine nouns in - ca and - ga pluralize for the most part to - che and - ghe :. Beware: Among female nouns there are some that end in - cia and - gia that pluralize in - cie and - gie —. Again, there is nothing wrong with looking up a plural while you are committing your new vocabulary to memory. And then there is a very large group of Italian nouns that end in - e that encompasses both masculine and feminine nouns, and that, regardless of gender, pluralize by taking the ending - i.

To know whether a word that ends in - e is feminine or masculine you can look at the article, if you have one available, or other clues in the sentence.

Is "clase" a singular, masculine noun?

If you are just learning a new noun in - eyou should look it up to find out. Some are counterintuitive: fiore flower is masculine! Within this group it is helpful to know, for example, that all words ending in - zione are feminine:. There are also nouns that are identical in the singular for male and female only the article tells you the gender —but in the plural change ending to suit the gender:.

There are also male nouns in - e that have similar female counterparts:. When they pluralize, they and their articles follow normal patterns for their genders:. Many, many Italian nouns have eccentric ways of pluralizing:. There are a number of masculine nouns that end in - a and pluralize in - i :. These pluralize in what appears to be a singular feminine with a plural article:.

Il muro the wall has two plurals: le mura to mean the walls of a city, but i muri to mean the walls of a house. The same for il braccio the arm : le braccia to mean the arms of a person, but i bracci for the arms of a chair.

singlar i sala

A tiny but important category of exceptions, both in the singular and the plural:. In the plural, these just drop the final - o :.

Spanish: rooms in the house and furniture / lugares y muebles de la casa: sala, comedor, cocina

Words of foreign origin stay unchanged in the plural no s ; only the article changes. Words that end in accento grave stay unchanged in the plural; only the article changes.From Spanishfrom Germanic ; compare Swedish sal.

Doublet of salle. This etymology is missing or incomplete. Please add to it, or discuss it at the Etymology scriptorium. Often refers to a type of room outside the home used for a specific purpose, e. From Spanish sala. Uralic etymology, Sergei Starostin. From Old Norse sala. Borrowed from French salle. Via Latin asse. There are different opinions on the origin of this word.

See Latvian sala. Related to Finnish sala. Borrowed from a Baltic language, compare Lithuanian sala. From Proto-Nguni [Term? This entry needs an inflection-table template. From Spanish salar and Kabuverdianu salga. For quotations using this term, see Citations:sala. From German Saal. Compare English salon. This verb needs an inflection-table template.Download Our Spa Menu. Nestled in a lush landscape, the resort is only steps away from the beach. Upon entering the spa of SALA Samui beach resort at Choengmon Beach, your wellness journey begins as you experience paradise amongst garden pavilions and courtyards.

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In a statement issued on Monday, the AAIB said: "The remotely operated vehicle ROV carried out a further search of the area overnight, but did not identify any additional pieces of wreckage. Read More. An image released Monday Feb.

The AAIB added that the image showed the rear left side of the fuselage -- the main body of the aircraft -- and part of the registration. READ: Wreckage from missing plane found. Sala, 28, and the year-old Ibbotson were flying in the single-turbine aircraft from Nantes, in northern France, to Cardiff in Wales, when it disappeared from radar near the Channel Islands on January Flowers placed under a portrait of Sala in Nantes.

Wreckage from the plane thought to be carrying the footballer was found Sunday by a privately funded search team working in close coordination with the AAIB.

On Sunday, the AAIB had also begun a three-day underwater search of an area four square nautical miles off the island of Guernsey.

singlar i sala

David Mearns, a marine scientist leading the private search team hired by Sala's family, said the wreckage of the plane had been located by sonar equipment at a depth of about 63 meters within the first couple of hours of starting Sunday's search. Speaking on BBC's Today show, Mearns said the wreckage was surprisingly intact and added that the family would "desperately" like the plane to be recovered.

They wouldn't be able to recover it in that period of time but that's probably what they're evaluating. Visit cnn. The private search mission was financed through a crowdfunding campaign, with French World Cup star Kylian Mbappe among the footballers donating to the initiative. READ: Touching tributes to missing footballer.The i-sala is a traditional Fijian headdress, similar in shape to a headscarf or turbanand part of the traditional attire of the chiefly and priestly classes of the islands of Fiji as a sign of rank.

The i-sala were made of masi barkcloth coverings which were wrapped around the hair of high-ranking men similar to a turban. Most of the bulk and shape of the i-sala came from the bushy hair of the wearer under the cloth.

Most version of this hairscarf were white. In traditional Fijian society, the custom was restricted solely for priests and chiefs; commoners kai-si who were seen wearing the i-sala could be punished with death. The turban, consisting of a gauze-like scarf of very fine white mast, from four to six feet long, is worn by all Fijians who can lay claim to respectability, except such as are forbidden its use.

The apparent size is entirely regulated by the quantity of hair underneath, which is generally considerable. This head-dress may be fastened by a neat bow in front, or tied in a tassel-knot on the top of the head, or arranged so as to hang in lappets on one side. By some it is worn as a band or cord at the root of the hair, the greater part being allowed to fall down the back.

In most cases it is ornamental and graceful. After the Westernization of Fiji, the custom of wearing i-sala and the practice of males growing out their hair was discouraged by the Christian missionaries. Although the i-sala became largely obsolete by the end of the 19th century, the custom of wearing the i-sala still remains in certain regions in modern-day Fiji. The chiefs of Natewa, one of the most traditional masi -producing regions on the island of Vanua Levuand also the chiefs on the island of Lakeba are known to still wear the i-sala for certain tribal rituals.

Forming the Plural of Italian Nouns

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press. Suva: A. Leiden: Brill Archive. Philadelphia: C. Rowe, George Stringer ed. London: A. Bra Camisole Undershirt. Clothing portal. Folk costumes. Afghanistan Pakol Chapan Deel Paranja. Dirndl Lederhosen Poffer Poland Tracht. Categories : Fijian fashion Headgear. Hidden categories: Commons category link is on Wikidata.